Facebook today updated its Messenger for iOS app finally adding a full iPad version. The iPad version works like the version found on the iPhone and iPod touch but takes advantage of the much larger display by showing more content like message threads while in other messages. The iPad version also features the same calling features found on the iPhone and iPod touch versions. Facebook’s various supported sticker packs are also featured on the messaging app for iPad.

Previously, messaging using Facebook was limited to the official Facebook for iPad app, a feature somewhat buried in the general Facebook experience, while the social network has continued to focus on new features in the dedicated messaging app. With today’s launch, chatting via Facebook on the tablet is a greatly improved experience.

Below is the change log for Facebook Messenger 7.0:

What’s New:
Now available for iPad!
Videos you shoot in Messenger can be saved to your phone’s camera roll.
It’s easier to invite more of your Facebook friends to get Messenger, too.
Plus, other fixes to make the app more reliable.

Facebook Messenger 7.0 is available today on the App Store for iPhone, iPod touch, and finally iPad. Download it here.

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5 Responses to “Facebook Messenger finally arrives on iPad, complete with calling and stickers”

  1. Facebook finally learns how UISplitViewControllers work!


  2. Dafty Punk says:

    Why is messenger a separate app? It’s so fucking annoying to pop around from one app to another.


    • I see your point, but i hate the news feed thing, its a time waster for me, i get on it and POW!, 15mins gone. So i try to keep off it, but the Facebook messaging system is the best way for me to get ahold of groups of people regardless of their device or where they are, so to be able to use one without the other is gold for me.


    • I agree. It is sometimes annoying if I’m doing both chatting someone and scrolling through new stuff at the same time. But the app does come in handy though when all I wanna do is chat and ignore the news feeds. :)