Yesterday we posted some gorgeous iPhone 6 renders, and today some fresh renders, first highlighted by The Tech Block, that compare the next-generation iPhone’s potential gold, space gray, and silver/white designs have appeared online. You should check out the full gallery below, it’s probably the closest look you’ll get at Apple’s iPhone 6 marketing slides until the first half of September.

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45 Responses to “Latest iPhone 6 renders compare potential gold, space gray, and silver colors [Gallery]”

  1. I doubt this is going to be the final design. It’s sloppy. What the hell!?

  2. WOW. Those are beautiful. Every single mockup to this point – digital or physical – has look awful with the treatment of the top and bottom rear panels. This set of images though…outstanding!

  3. Definitely best looking one so far. Although the real mock-ups are more likely the look apple will go for

  4. This. Apple filed a patent to seamlessly integrate alloy with sapphire as a single surface. This could be it. If you’ve been following iphone 6 leaks. The ugly antenna lines from the mockup at the back probably disappointed most of you. But later it was suggested by someone that those ugly lines are only some kind of a guideline where the glass will appear, similar to the current generation iphones.

    • rogifan says:

      I never believed those thick antenna bands were legit and I still don’t. I wouldn’t be surprised if we see something like this with maybe the inlay being sapphire or something. One I don’t think Apple would release anything that would be accused of just copying the HTC One design and two I think they will want to show off a new material or manufacturing process.

    • I think these renders look stunning! It’s keeps the current, proven good looks with a more rounded body. I’m definitely on board if this is what Apple releases.

      • J.latham says:

        The iPhone 5/5s are personally some of my least favorite designs from Apple. I Hope they don’t circle back its direction.

  5. THIS design I can believe – just like I said on yesterday’s post, the lines on the back would have to be complimentary to the iPhone’s design, not stick out like a sore thumb.

  6. danbridgland says:

    Viewing galleries like this on an iPhone is painful! Please 9to5Mac, find a new way to present these galleries.

  7. YES! This please! This I like. It might look like the iPhone 5(s) but at least this is a phone you can take out of your pocket without shame.

  8. The glass and ceramic panels look so much better in these renders, then the hideous lines on the mockups from yesterday.

  9. Steve Sun says:

    how about the release date?

  10. totencough says:

    First iPhone 6 concept worthy of Apple’s logo.

    • Now the only remaining question is, whether they’ll make the camera optics flush with the body like the current generation, or make it protrude like the iPod like previous mockups have shown. If it protrudes, that would be a HUGE design mistake!

  11. Sebastian Rasch says:

    It’s getting better. Not there yet though.

  12. jakkaru says:

    So… There is something incorrect about this rendering. However, I do think it is REALLY awesome!!! The flash, this has actually been the thing that has bothered me the most about all these “leaks” that I do not believe anyone has brought up yet. It is a circle flash and not the True Tone flash that Apple invested a LOT of money into. Once I see that, I MAY believe the back plate is legit. Finally, contrary to popular belief, I think the 4.7 inch iPhone will be the flagship and that the 5.5 inch iPhone will actually be the cheaper of the two. Apple knows people want cheaper larger iPhones and I believe Apple will deliver. The 5S and the 5C was almost a no-brainer of which to choose and that is why the 5Ss sales swallowed the 5C. However, if the cheaper version with fewer functions has a larger screen, suddenly there is more of an incentive to buy. The people who want all the new and most up to date specs will buy the 6 and people who have been waiting for that bigger screen will be satisfied also with the 6L or 6B or whatever. That’s what I think! Anyways… Great render no the less.

  13. thecodee says:

    This is definitely better than all previous renders. The only thing that raises a red flag for me now is the position of the camera. It seems out of place somehow.

  14. You hear me now. I admit I was wrong, I take back everything bad I’ve said about this design, that rounded glass and the shape of the phone just screams quality, that no other company can match. Truly beautiful.

  15. I was going to hold onto my white iPhone 5S until the 6S is released next year, but if this is close to what the iPhone 6 will look like, might just upgrade early, provided the handling of the larger phone is as good as the current 4″ form factor…

  16. andreww500 says:

    This is what I believe we will see in September. Nicely done render.

  17. IMO best render yet
    Looks very Apple like

  18. These new renders look great.

  19. jrox16 says:

    These are gorgeous. If it really does look this good, they’ll be hard to get…

  20. I’ve been anxiously awaiting the next iPhone despite previous mockups, but if this is what they’ll look like… Hell yes! Screen size isn’t a deciding factor in purchasing a phone as far as I wouldn’t leave Apple if the rumors of a 5.5″ screen fall through, but I’m excited about a phone that could look like this and have the 5.5″ screen!

  21. Damn! These renders are awesome!

  22. First ones I really like. I’d buy that!

  23. Carlos Bcn says:

    Now this is a lot nicer: glass/ceramic inlays instead of those hideous plastic lines from the renders and mocukps we’ve been seeing.
    I hope this is what Apple delivers on September.

  24. Now we’re talking !! Looks great with the rear glass contrasting against the aluminium unibody. I’d bet these are very close to the final ID, and they look worthy of an Apple logo. When can I pre-order?

  25. confluxnz says:

    I’d happily buy one of these. The design looks far better and much more refined than the hideous renders posted yesterday.

  26. By whose –> “hands” <— are you judging these phones—?????
    I have extremely small hands and use two hands
    each time I use my iPhone anyway ~

    So the size of Steve Jobs hands has no bearing for me!

    I want a larger screen for internet viewing etc and I'm tired of
    these kiddie size phones!!!!

  27. Winski says:

    Hopefully, the designs above bear NO RESEMBLANCE to the next iPhone Apple intros.. IT LOOKS AWFUL!! TOO much rounding on the case corners.. WAY too much.. looks plastic and cheap.

  28. no plastic version this time around? It’s a shame if they kill the sexiest iPhone they released, due to bad sales (which in turn were caused by BAD product differentiation and pricing)