Besides adding performance and user-interface improvements, iOS 8 beta 3 has activated WiFi-calling for iPhones on T-Mobile in the United States. The feature, which was announced in June, brings the ability for T-Mobile customers to make phone calls on iPhones over a WiFi connection instead of a standard 3G or LTE connection. According to people who have used the feature on iOS 8 beta 3, the calls sound far better over WiFi than over cellular. The Setting for enabling WiFi calling is found under the Phone preferences in the Settings iPhone app. As can be seen in the image above, users are required to enter their physical address for emergencies for WiFi calling. This is presumably to assist emergency services for people who call for help over WiFi. Apple also discusses the feature in the iOS 8 beta 3 release notes:

Screen Shot 2014-07-07 at 12.39.04 PM


WiFi calling is one of several new Phone-related features in the pipeline for iOS 8. Apple has also completely redesigned the FaceTime application with a simpler look that separates video FaceTime calls from Audio calls. With Continuity and Handoff, users are now able to receive cellular phone calls via iOS Devices like iPads and iPod touches in addition to the Mac. Apple has also been working on support for Voice-over-LTE for future iPhone models. As more carriers support features like WiFi calling, Apple will likely continue building in support for iOS. Sprint is the other U.S. carrier that offers WiFi calling, but iOS does not appear to support that carrier as of yet.

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41 Responses to “iOS 8 beta 3 activates WiFi calling feature for U.S. T-Mobile iPhones”

  1. This is going to be great for customers of both companies. T-Mobile doesn’t have the best network inside buildings, but once this is released it won’t be as big of a deal as long as you have wi-fi, like at home or at work. I’m definitely going to be happy once iOS 8 is officially released. Really cool feature.

  2. Marklewood at Serenity Lodge says:

    You can bet, ATT and Verizon will make us pay for this feature, if/when the allow it.

    • chrisl84 says:

      They wont be allowed to charge for that I’m sure…..but they will force people still on grandfathered unlimited data plans to switch to the new “family share everything” plans to enable it.

      • Air Burt says:

        Verizon allowed everyone to use FaceTime over LTE when AT&T said you had to be on a tiered plan. I can see it happening this way again. I don’t care cause I switched from Verizon to T-Mobile 3 months ago and couldn’t be happier!

  3. ron837192 says:

    I’m curious to hear from people who have tried it out! I’m seriously considering switching to T-Mobile, and WiFi calling is one of my must-have features.

    • I did the T-Mobile Test Drive program a couple weeks ago and let me tell you that their network is very very impressive. I’m in Atlanta and they have good coverage here. You’d have to check their coverage where you are, but I had good signal down in the basement of my huge building at work. That really impressed me. And they really do have the fastest network of all the networks. I consistently got 30 MBps download. And it even topped out at 60 right around the block from my home. So give them a try.

  4. I wonder want impact Wi-Fi calling will have on bandwidth. Also, what port(s) will it communicate through? A lot of I.T. departments block ports.

  5. garya813 says:

    If AT&T doesn’t support this at release, the timing will align, and I’ll jump to TMobile. It overcomes any hesitation I’ve had in the past with their coverage.

  6. Alex Marmon says:

    Im not able to find it in the phone settings. Using an iPhone 5 on t-mobile in the US with iOS 8 beta 3 installed. Tried restarting a few times but still not seeing it.

  7. IPhone 4S doesn’t show option to enable Wi-Fi calling on iOS 8 Beta 3

  8. dcj001 says:

    I have read that WiFi calling with Sprint on another phone does not subtract from one’s available minutes, or effect the calling plan in any way. If anyone reading this has used WiFi calling through T-Mobile on an iPhone, please reply as to whether or not the same is true for you. Thanks.

  9. Adam Macgill says:

    With T-mobile wifi calling – is it possible to use the ‘set up call via iPhone’ function in FaceTime on a mac OS X 10.10 to say answer an incoming VoWiFI call to your iPhone on your mac like you can an incoming normal cellular call.

  10. Darn you T-Mobile. Work better with Google Voice so I can switch to you. Why are you being so dumb about supporting Google Voice?

  11. I’m in Boston, using an iPhone 5, and on T-Mobile LTE (carrier update 16.3). I updated OTA to iOS 8 beta 3 and unfortunately don’t see the wifi calling option In my settings. Did a soft reset several time. Maybe this is only a feature for iPhone 5S? Anyone have any luck enabling wifi calling on their iPhone 5’s?

    • I bought an unlocked iPhone 5s from the Apple store a few weeks ago. I’ve been using it on my AT&T service. I also have an unlimited Simple Choice plan for 80 bucks a month with T-Mobile. The simple SIM swap and I can see the at Wi-Fi calling on my iPhone 5s Running iOS 8 beta 3 on T-Mobile. Glad I got the 5S instead of the 5 or 5C.

      Now to get off the 10 GB AT&T family plan and switch to T-Mo……

  12. thebums66 says:

    What am I missing? I thought Voice only FaceTime was the same thing. Is that not available on all platforms? I’m on AT&T and I can do a voice only FaceTime calls. It is incredibly clear. In fact you can pick up just about everything in the background. Maybe I’m just lucky and the other person is on a Wi-Fi connection as well? I’m sure somebody will let me know what I’m missing.

    • Air Burt says:

      Wi-Fi Calling has been available for Android devices on T-Mobile and Sprint for awhile now and counts against your minutes like a regular call. FaceTime only works between Apple devices and doesn’t count against your minutes. With iOS 8, Wi-Fi calling will now work between iOS and Android devices. I’d still rather do a FaceTime call since most everyone I know has an iPhone.

    • saykredcow says:

      If someone without an iPhone dialed your number you would not get a call on your at&t iPhone unless you had cellular reception. Likewise you could not call that person using facetime. Tmobile users with WiFi calling phones can make and receive phone calls with their regular phone number whether they get cellular reception or not

      • The cross platform reach of WiFi calling is fantastic. Not being chained to the platform (iOS or Android) is awesome. The other cool thing about this is that I can get rid of my freakin’ MCell now too!

  13. Looks like wifi calling requires a 5S (for those that have t-mobile)

  14. Alan Aurmont says:

    WARNING: WiFi calling will be exclusive to postpaid accounts. Prepaid accounts will not be supported. Confirmed by several T-mobile CS reps.

  15. Everybody keeps talking about wifi calling counting against your minutes. Am I the only t-mobile customer with an iPhone that’s on the new Simple Choice plans with unlimited minutes?

    • It counts toward your minutes but won’t make a difference on Simple Choice because it is UNLIMITED. Many folks are still on the older plans with 700-1000 minutes simply because it is few bucks cheaper. This is good if you’re not a heavy data user.

    • Nope. I’m right there with you…. (Now) :-)

      • Wifi-Calling is for ALL iPhones (4s, 5, 5c, 5s) using iOS8 if you’re with T-Mobile. It is not phone specific but rather carrier specific. Probably limited now because they are still on beta phase testing.

    • So, I finally got my company’s Apple Developer Admin to add my iPhone’s UUID to our company developer account so I could install the beta. When I had an HTC One (M8), I could send MMS over wifi as long as I was using HTC’s Messaging app. Anybody heard whether standard SMS and MMS will send over wifi with wifi calling enabled. I tried an MMS this morning and it didn’t seem to go wifi. We’re still in beta so certain features not working is normal. Just wondering about this being added by the final release.

  16. Ok, so from what I’ve read on T-Mobile’s site they will count Wi-Fi calling against your minutes. What I don’t get is why everyone is so excited. Apple released FaceTime Audio with iOS 7, which when on Wi-Fi is completely free. I’m sorry but if my friends don’t have Apple, then they can’t expect me to call them…

    • Wrong! with Wifi-Calling, you can call your buddies now if they don’t have an Apple device.

      Pros: Works with both Wifi internet and Cellular data (if using iOS7 and above).
      Con(s): although free – but only IF they are using an Apple device.

      Pros: you can call anyone with a U.S. number for free – with or without an Apple device.
      Double Pro: Not only that, Wifi-Calling also helps when you are inside a building when there is zero cell signal. Turn on Wifi, then enable ‘Wifi-Calling’, you get FULL 5 Bars of signal!
      Triple Pro: So if your friends/family doesn’t have an iPhone or iPad, that’s when Wifi-Calling comes handy.
      Quadruple Pro:
      So with the iPhone, you get TWO options. That’s better than any Android or Windows Device with only wifi-calling. You can now contact almost anyone for free especially traveling abroad, no matter where you are in the world.
      Con(s): only works when ‘Wifi’ is turned on.

      Super Pro:
      T-Mobile count towards minutes? Yes, but their Simple Choice Plan is unlimited calls/texts with FREE data roaming. It cost virtually nothing other than your monthly service.

  17. reppster says:

    I have beta 3 and T-Mobile but don’t have wifi calling, could this be because my iPhone is AT&T unlocked to T-Mobile?

  18. I just updated to beta 3 and the wifi calling is working great! Just talk to my friend from work and no service reading on the phone! Yes I have t-mobile love it… paying half of what I was paying on version and I get more!

  19. I hear what you all are saying about Wi-Fi calling counting against minutes and I always thought thats how it worked. I went on live chat a few days ago and asked the question to a CSR informing them that I only have 100 minutes. The assured me that wifi calling on the iphone would not count against my 100 minutes… they even knew I was prepaid.
    Take it for what it’s worth however because it seems to contradict what everyone else is saying. I specifically re-asked the question after their answer and they once again confirmed, no minutes used.

  20. I love this! I live in an area so remote no one has cell reception here at all! Cant even go to a window! I have T-Mobile which will prob be the last to ever get a tower here but with iOS 8 and T-Mobile’s wifi calling feature I can now send a SMS instead of relying on iMessage 24/7 plus I can receive and make phone calls! So yeah basically now I have reception and everyone else who PAYS MORE to people like VERIZON & AT&T can’t do what I do! :P I will be with T-Mobile for life! and oh yeah…When the iPhone Air, 6 comes out in September I will be able to get it, and prob $0 down and my Verizon and AT&T friends who pay more CANT! It’s hilarious! Why wouldn’t you switch to T-Mobile?