iPhone screen

Apple will finally begin offering iPhone 5s screen replacements in its official U.S. and Canada retail stores in the coming days, according to several sources. Apple Store Genius Bars are said to have begun taking delivery of large quantities of iPhone 5s screens for the repair program. The crucial service’s debut is currently scheduled for Monday, August 4th. This upcoming rollout will mark an official launch as a few stores in the U.S. have piloted iPhone 5s screen repairs over the past several months. Apple officially rolled out iPhone 5c screen repairs in January, and it began replacing other iPhone 5c and 5s parts late in 2013. The screen replacements will cost approximately $150 per repair, and this is more affordable than the $269 price of completely replacing a broken iPhone 5s.

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9 Responses to “Apple Stores to finally begin iPhone 5s display replacements on August 4th”

  1. “Finally” – this meme still going?


  2. What’s the cost of replacing battery?
    Instead of just replacing screen, just pay $100 more and get a new device with newer battery and no scratches etc.


  3. Reblogged this on Taste of Apple and commented:
    This is great news for those who prefer not to get a whole new device to fix a cracked screen.


  4. Oflife says:

    This whole mobile phone screen repair thing is a huge scam. Consumers are bombarded with advertisements promoting tough scratch proof indestructible displays powered by Gorilla Glass X, yet every single person I know with an iPhone (not so much other brands), has had at least one incidence of a cracked screen, most so much the device is hard to use or totally unusable, not to mention dangerous because little shards of glass fall out.

    The fact one has to pay more than about £25 to obtain a new display is evidence of the scale of the con, which is little different from the UK’s 20mph speed zones which entrap innocent unknowning motorists. For £150, or a little more, you can buy a very good Android handset that will do ALL the iPhone can do, and with a larger more resilient display. IE, Moto G, X, or Xperia Compact etc.

    I have dropped my Moto X three times onto a hard floor and to my surprise, no damage to the screen.

    I have a love hate relationship with Apple, they are either a very crafty company milking a loyal fan base (and ‘made for iPod/iPhone’ accessory vendors) for their every penny based on over priced repairs and accessories (and vendor licensing fees), or they are well intentioned but someone within the company is running Apple exclusively with a spreadsheet, not just an ethics rulebook.


    • Air Burt says:

      If we go back to USD for comparison (mostly because I don’t know the pricing differences), $150 is actually pretty reasonable for this repair. The part alone is $100 (by iFixit pricing). Even if Apple is paying less per replacement part, it’s not too much less than that. Factoring in that they have to train their Geniuses to do the repairs and then actually pay them for the time (training and repair), it’s about right. This is an extremely delicate procedure that requires a very skilled technician (aka one that gets paid $20+/hour). As someone who’s done these repairs, we deserve to be paid this much for such a stressful repair (one slip and you’ve broken a customer’s phone).

      Also, the iPhone has been one of the most durable flagship phones for years. It beats the Galaxy phones every year and we all know Samsung is the only other player here making any money. As anecdotal evidence, I’ve dropped my iPhone 5S on a hard surface several times and it doesn’t have a scratch. Drops are all about luck because the angle it hits matters.

      tl;dr no actual gouging going on here.


      • This is infinitely absurd. Replacing an iPhone screen is nowhere near the surgical procedure you describe, nor does it require any great degree of sophistication in skill or technique. I taught myself how to replace iPhone screens by watching a YouTube video, and the learning curve was less than 15 minutes. That aside, if you truly believe that Apple is paying anywhere close to retail for a part that is made in China, you are sorely in need of reality testing. Businesses do not pay anywhere NEAR retail for parts. Instead, they purchase parts in bulk, for pennies on the dollar. It’s a very elementary reality of how business is done and also a bit concerning that this is news to you. Further, relying on iFixit for accurate pricing is akin to relying on a used car salesman to tell you the true book value of a vehicle. If you truly believe that Apple’s retail pricing is closely matched to its wholesale outlay you have a dangerously incomplete mental mode of how the world operates.


    • iJonni says:

      Ummmmm 1. There is no apple ad touting the resilience of the display. 2. Apple isn’t the only phone company using Gorilla Glass. I’ve seen more android phones with broken screens than iphones. No place to fix those tho