Apple is using the upcoming London iTunes festival as a convenient excuse to revive its Apple TV iTunes gift card bundle. Beginning today and running through September 30th, all Apple TVs will be accompanied by a $25 iTunes gift card.

The iTunes credit can be used to buy apps, music, movies and anything else Apple sells in its digital marketplaces. It cannot be used to purchase physical items or service from the Apple Stores. Perhaps a better deal for those of you who don’t buy media from iTunes, Apple continually offers a refurbished Apple TV for $75 with free shipping and a 1-year warranty.

Back in February when this promo first came around we thought it may be a precursor to new Apple TV hardware, but we’ve since learned that it’s not likely to launch until 2015. Apple TV users can expect a visual makeover this fall with redesigned icons and thinner font.

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2 Responses to “Apple is again giving away free $25 iTunes credit with the purchase of an Apple TV”

  1. Reblogged this on Taste of Apple Tech and commented:
    Pretty good deal, considering that the Apple TV is fairly cheap at $99.00 – though it’s also starting to age a bit. Hopefully, a new one is on the horizon.


  2. Getting rid of the remaining stock!!! New Apple TV coming soon?! I don’t believe they delayed it further, to 2015. Tim said new ‘categories’ (plural). iWatch for healthkit, Apple TV for homekit. If they were pushing it back, to 2015 I think they would have held off on homekit for 8.1. I think homekit’s main reason for being is for a new Apple TV (or rebranded as something else).