Robin Williams iTunes

Apple today has added a ‘Remembering Robin Williams’ feature section in the iTunes Store following news of the actor’s passing yesterday afternoon.

The section features a collection of movies, TV shows, and other performances with the incredibly talented actor including Mrs. Doubtfire, Flubber, Hook, and Dead Poet Society, which inspired Apple’s recent ‘Your Verse’ campaign featuring ordinary people using the iPad in interesting ways. Williams’ famous line from his role in Dead Poet Society can be heard in the initial ‘Your Verse’ ad from earlier this year.

Apple CEO Tim Cook shared his thoughts in a tweet last night following the news of Williams’ passing.

In addition to featuring several performances by Robin Williams, the iTunes Store dedication includes a touching note on the actor’s work as well:

One of the most beloved and unforgettable performers in the history of show business, Robin Williams brought laughter and inspiration to millions. Throughout a career that spanned five decades, Williams evolved from stand-up comedian to international movie star. Among the great masters of improv, he transfixed audiences with a mile-a-minute comic energy. Williams’ Golden Globe®-winning turn in Good Morning, Vietnam demonstrated that his versatile acting talents were equally suited to evoking dramatic complexity. Many of Williams’ most iconic performances — in Dead Poets Society, Mrs. Doubtfire, and his Oscar®-winning triumph Good Will Hunting — were dazzling high-wire acts that left audiences in tears of laughter one minute and tears of poignancy the next. An Emmy® and a GRAMMY® winner as well, Williams was a philanthropist who served as a driving force behind Comic Relief USA, which has raise more than $50 million.

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12 Responses to “Apple remembers Robin Williams with iTunes collection of his films and performances”

  1. HooijmansNL says:

    Robin Williams was a great man!


  2. Joe Public says:

    His body’s still warm, and Apple is already profiteering from his death!


  3. Wow, you same Apple phags were blistering Amazon for the Sopranos sale after James Gandolfini died and you praise Apple for the same thing. Typical hypocrisy of both Apple phags and the liberal who commonly shit where they eat and act holier than all (oops, you’re likely atheist too so I would guess you’re not too Holy either)


  4. magus418 says:

    Reblogged this on sea-swoon and commented:


  5. the tweet was nice. the itunes store action, not so.