A new report filed by The Wall Street Journal today is the latest to claim that Apple’s next generation of iPhones will sport sapphire displays. In addition to commentary from analysts over how the more expensive material could impact costs for Apple, the WSJ report includes the following tidbit:

Apple is considering using sapphire screens in more-expensive models of the two new, larger iPhones it plans to debut this fall, if it can get enough of the material, people familiar with the matter say.

Two things are notable in mention above. First, the WSJ mentions “two new, larger iPhones” as reports continue to describe both a 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch model to be introduced with the latter size possibly available after the former. Next, the WSJ describes sapphire displays as possibly only being available on “more-expensive models” of the new iPhones.

Currently Apple utilizes the more protective sapphire material on the latest iPhone lens cover and Touch ID fingerprint sensor, and the WSJ’s description says only the higher cost new iPhones could use that same material in the display to offset the added cost of the build material.

iPhone models within the same class are already differentiated by storage capacity, but the WSJ’s tidbit suggests the superior display technology could be exclusive to higher end (possibly higher storage capacity and thus more expensive) iPhones within the new class.

We profiled Apple’s manufacturing facility in the Mesa, Arizona-located plant last year where its sapphire material is procured. We’ve since seen updates on GT Advanced Technology’s partnership with Apple in delivering a major increase in sapphire material this year.

Whatever the case may be, we expect to see Apple introduce its new iPhone hardware at an event planned for early next month.

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13 Responses to “WSJ says Apple considering using sapphire displays in “more-expensive” iPhone models”

  1. Apple is no longer considering ANYTHING, the iPhone must be ready hardware wise by now… all of these rumours are starting to get boring and ridiculous.


  2. Tim Jr. says:

    “considering” .. umm.. no.. the decision has been made as to whats going to be used… whatever that is.. Guaranteed. You don’t go less than a month from release and NOT be producing your product.. some 30+ million iPhones in the initial run alone..

    WSJ is smoking something if they think they can play the ‘we know’.. cuz.. this just shows that have NO clue.. If they did, they’d know, logistically, this isn’t like trying to get your homework done at the last minute.. duh..


  3. Why would anyone think the Wall Street Journal knows anything about this? This is just rumours feeding on themselves.

    9to5Mac reports rumours of two sizes of iPhone and that sapphire might be used on the expensive models and Wall Street Journal throws the same back at you. Now you’re publishing an article on how the rumours seem to be confirmed because the Wall Street Journal confirms them?



  4. chrisl84 says:

    They’d had better put on one heck of a live demonstration of what the extra protection of sapphire gives you then, will people be willing to pay the extra fee for an untested material.


    • Untested? Lol how in the hell is it untested? You know how ridiculously strenuously Apple tests every aspect of everything?


      • chrisl84 says:

        Are you dumb. Untested at the consumer level. Perhaps your are willing to blindly toss an extra 100 for a screen that could most likely get scratched in real world situations…..and let’s not forget antennagate that resulted in apple having to give out free bumpers. But yea they test everything don’t they….


  5. CJ Sheets says:

    Sapphire on more expensive models? Hopefully they’ll hit the $199, $299, $399 (on contract) price points for the 4.7-inch model at least. And hope they bump the entry level to 32GB of storage.

    Perhaps the 5.5-inch will be priced at $299, $399, $499? These on contract prices are getting high for most people. All I know is I have $400 in an envelop that has iPhone 6 written on it. haha


  6. dksmidtx says:

    Sorry – but ever since Mossberg and his crew left the WSJ, their “reliability” as a source of Apple rumors has dropped like a rock. This rumor is even more proof – how would Apple be tinkering with the design elements less than a month from announcement?


  7. Overlord says:

    Damn… now, the iPhone will cost the price of a car here in Brazil!


  8. mattie1982 says:

    More expensive models!!! Please can someone show me where to get Apple products that are cheap?? :)


  9. Maybe Apple should just include this new sapphire display in the next iPhone model, never mind it being more expensive. Personally, I have a lot of trust in Apple’s products and have used them all my life. I rely on them at school to do my work, and to have fun and listen to music. However, I’ve heard a lot of bad things about the new iPhone 6. Granted, I don’t have one, but there’s a lot of competition from other companies trying to produce a phone with almost the exact same characteristics, just trying to improve and differentiate on them slightly. Perhaps with the problems the iPhone 6 has been having, adding this kind of display to the next phone model would be a good way to get an advantage on other companies and to mend the company’s image somewhat. Just a thought…