Those annoying iCloud storage warning email notifications have begun referencing the upcoming iOS 8 and iCloud Drive, according to multiple tips from readers. This change in the copy within the emails likely indicates that Apple is already preparing for the upcoming debuts of the new iCloud and iOS releases. Here’s one of the emails:

Screenshot 2014-08-18 13.52.19

As can be seen, Apple explains how to handle iCloud storage via iOS 8 and mentions iCloud Drive as a feature. Both iOS 8 and iCloud Drive should hit the marketplace around mid-September. iOS 8 adds features like the iCloud Photo Library, new Health app, and HomeKit API, while iCloud Drive is essentially Apple’s variant of Dropbox.

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11 Responses to “iCloud storage warning emails already referencing iOS 8 & iCloud Drive”

  1. Those emails drive me nuts. I wish they’d offer larger storage capacities for free.


    • Just get a MEGA account. Kim Dotcom’s Cloud Storage service. It gives you 50GB free encrypted storage! Mega has paid much strong attention to implementing client side encryption where your keys are never stored on the servers, making it arguably the most private and secure cloud service available.

      I highly recommend you try it out

      There even is a MEGA iOS App, and also brand new app on its way soon.

      Encrypted messaging, Encrypted Video Calls and encrypted video stream are also on there way.


  2. Is photo backup included with the free 15GB?


  3. Ry L says:

    5 gb for icloud backups AND photos? That’s a joke. I wish they’d increase it.


  4. Apple needs to improve this aspect of their ecosystem. If Microsoft can offer 1TB with an Office 365 sub, I am sure Apple can find a way to have something similar. Be great if it was baked into their next Mac OS X release with a convenient way of migrating from other cloud offerings too.


  5. PMZanetti says:

    I really wish they would release these new tiers sooner. Much better pricing for increased needs.


  6. xbepax4224 says:

    Everything will be increased when ios 8 comes out


  7. I’m surprised that free storage isn’t increasing with each i-device. Let’s say 5 GB with each iPhone you have, 10 GB with each iPad and 20 GB with each MacBook. Plus of course option to pay for extra storage. I think this would make much more sense…