As has been previously rumored, Apple is said to be preparing for an October event to introduce an updated model of the iPad Air, according to the Commercial Times. Though earlier rumors of an event on October 21st have been shot down, there are still plenty of other days in October that Apple could hold the event.

In fact, the company is already expected to announce and release OS X Yosemite next month, as indicated by notes on the iOS 8 website stating that the “SMS Relay” feature (which requires OS X 10.10) will be available at that time.

We’ve already seen leaked images of the alleged front panel for the next-gen tablet and heard that it will reportedly include twice as much RAM as the previous version. It’s also said to be thinner than the current model with an improved Touch ID sensor (a first for the iPad) that may be similar to the one included in the iPhone 6. It will likely include the new A8 processor and an improved camera as well.

The smaller iPad mini, according to the report, may not be updated at that time, but could come soon after.

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43 Responses to “In line with previous rumors, Apple said to be preparing iPad Air 2 for October launch”

  1. dam1999sam says:

    Where is Apple hosting the October event? Same place as iPhone and watch? If so would that suggest surprise or one more thing moment?

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  2. Thought the iPhone 6+ WAS the iPad mini. They are close enough in size that Apple really doesn’t need both.


  3. rettun1 says:

    Improved camera + thinner design….

    A protruding camera on a phone is a little easier to deal with, but a tablet is very often laying on a table. I REALLY hope the camera remains flush with the back. Hopefully by “improved camera” they mean the same picture quality, but with the module made thinner.


  4. Finally time to upgrade my 3rd generation iPad. Apple holding out on Touch ID with the first Air is the reason I held out on it.

    What will be interesting to see is whether this release will bring with it an updated version of iOS 8 for iPads with support for split screen. That’s a feature I could definitely take advantage of.

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    • 89p13 says:

      I’m in the shape boat – I bought my wife the iPad Air last Christmas while I kept my Retina iPad – just waiting for the Touch ID. I hope the rumours are true – I do suffer Air Envy when my wife uses her Air and I’m still plugging away on the Retina iPad.


  5. macfoxpro says:

    iPhone 6 Plus slow motion catching football

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  6. rtd5943 says:

    So how do we find an “iPad” charger? Don’t they all look the same in the Apple store? They have the 5W and the 12W.


  7. SKR Imaging says:

    What the new iPad Air 2 needs for me to upgrade from my 3rd gen Retina iPad:

    – 2GB or more RAM (iphone 6 and 6plus still have 1GB — Really?)
    – Touch ID
    – Split-Screen multitasking
    – iphone 6plus style landscape keyboard (don’t know why ios 8 for iPad doesn’t already enable this on existing ipads.)
    – stereo front facing speakers
    – and why not a higher res Retina HD screen


  8. fredhstein says:

    Seems the mini will be squeezed by 6Plus. A priced reduced mini, for kids holiday gifts may be perfect. Apple is expanding its market across the board with lower entry priced versions.


  9. I hope we get rumours of some real changes to the iPad product. Some actual innovation. Something that actually helps us get more work done on the thing instead of just making it slightly faster with a slightly better (but still not “good” mind you) camera.

    At least this year’s iPhones are humorously large even if they have virtually no other improvements. If this year’s iPads are going to be visually *identical* to last years as well as boring, we might as well all go home now.

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    • PMZanetti says:

      Virtually no other improvements. Wow. You couldn’t sound more ignorant if you tried.


      • I’m pretty sure that your non-factual disagreement with my opinion is probably a more ignorant kind of statement than anything I said.


      • Far better not to argue with PMZanetti. He’s right about everything, and everyone else is wrong about everything. You should know that by now.


      • But he IS usually right. Mr Grey came out like a jerk, bashing the new iphones saying they’re not new at all, except the screen (which IS ignorant), he called the camera bad (which is not true, it’s AMAZING. WTF do you expect, 21 megapixel DSLR quality camera? He wants Apple to do something like Touch ID EVERY goddamn year WITHOUT exception, and if not, it’s not innovation, but having CPU consume 50% less energy is not innovation. I guess they just stumbled upon that while eating a pack of Doritos. And having a bigger screen, while being faster and having more autonomy is not innovation, even my grandma can manage that in her kitchen, huh. if you thing you’re entitled to have blown your mind every year by something completely new – you’re an idiot. tell me, what the fuck do you want which would be innovation? Do you want it to make coffee? I guess apple pay is not innovation, just a gimmicky option. Let’s talk a couple of month from now.


    • Not sure why things like the landscape keyboard from the 6 plus didn’t already make its way to iPads. The iPad definitely needs some software tweaking. I miss the when Splle had at least 5 .1 updates to iPhone OS. Even with handoff and the keyboards 8 feels like it should been 7.5.
      The main things for iOS 8 were api’s and things like HomeKit and HealthKit.

      iOS is feeling old on iPads and has been neglected to long. Why coesnr the home screen show 6 rows of apps when the 6 plus has 6. I would add things luring able to view widgets or views open apps from the same screen as control center. Controll center has so much wasted space on iPads. Split screens apps need to wait for 2 GB of ram if many people have near as many memory crashes that I have on my iPad Air. iOS 8 seems to caught down on the number, but still happens way to often.


  10. iPad mini is cheaper :)


  11. Wonder what else we’ll see at the event, as a minor spec bump for the iPads won’t really do it. Maybe a retina iMac? Or perhaps even the long awaited Apple TV re-do?


  12. A8X or bust! I want a design that looks similar to the iPad 2, I really do not like the frameless iPad Air


  13. giskardian says:

    New thinner iPad Maxi that bends and flexes to fit her personal contours!


  14. trinities says:

    ipod 6?