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Says Digitimes:

Touch panel makers TPK and GIS are among some of the makers receiving orders from Apple for full-lamination units. Sources said the new model will remain unchanged in terms of size and resolution, but that it will be thinner, equipped with an enhanced processor, and contain improved fingerprint recognition features.

Two problems there (at least).

1) The current batch of physical mockups/leaks indicate that the new iPad Air will look mostly the same as the current version, and that it will be roughly the same thinness. You can tell in the image above that the new model (on the top) is only very slightly skinner.

2) How can the fingerprint sensor be “improved” if it never existed in the first place? Nonetheless, we’re hearing the new model does include a Touch ID sensor, like the iPhone.

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15 Responses to “Digitimes says iPad Air 2 will be ‘thinner’ and have ‘improved fingerprint recognition’”

  1. rgbfoundry says:

    This is just a guess, but maybe a broken english interpretation of “improved” means that it will utilize the same new improved sensor that is rumored to be in the iPhone 6.

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  2. rafterman11 says:

    I think they mean an “improved” fingerprint scanner over what was in the iPhone.


  3. rgbfoundry says:

    What does the author of this article mean by “will ‘thinner'”. Digitimes seems to have nailed the interpretation by saying the new iPad will BE thinner.


  4. Laughing_Boy48 says:

    Won’t Wall Street have a problem with the iPad having Touch ID which they’ll claim isn’t necessary for iPad users and how Apple should be making the iPad cheaper to compete with Android tablets rather than adding useless features? I really got the feeling that at one point that Wall Street considered Touch ID a gimmick to drive up the cost of the iPhone. After all, how many Android smartphones use biometric scanners?


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    • rgbfoundry says:

      NFC combined with Touch ID would make for a very robust secure payment method. That’s an attractive mix of security and convenience that isn’t burdensome for authorized users.


    • BenRadUK says:

      iPad is HUGE in enterprise where security is key. If you use an iPad for emails, content and other business critical aspects, you want it to be as secure as possible.
      Touch ID would make it even more popular to the enterprise…IMO :-)


  5. Arnold Ziffel says:

    The mockup looks considerably thinner if you ask me. If you’re expecting a 30-50% reduction, then you’ve not been paying attention. Just playing around with the image, it looks like the mockup is roughly 75% the thickness of the Air. When held in one’s hand, that is going to feel MUCH thinner.


  6. I’d actually prefer a thicker iPad Air. The screen on mine spontaneously cracked after 4 months. My guess is that the Air’s thinness allowed it to flex too easily, causing the screen to crack. The screen on my 4th-gen iPad, which is thicker, is still in great shape.


  7. Oli Meyer says:

    Measured the depths of the two models in the picture and it seems like the mockup is about 15% thinner, which equals 1mm. At 6.5mm (instead of 7.5mm on the current iPad Air) the new iPad Air would beat the just released Samsung Galaxy Tab S in thinness by a hair’s breadth.


    • Arnold Ziffel says:

      I re-measured and came up with the new iPad scaling to about 88% the thickness of the current Air. If, as you say, the new model is 1mm thinner than the current one, that will feel like a lot. I’m assuming the mass of the new iPad will also be considerably less than the Air. I’m still using my iPad “3” and am considering buying the new model when it comes out – it’s going to feel light as the proverbial feather in comparison. And faster, too, not that there’s anything wrong with my current one, which BTW runs iOS 8 just fine.


  8. I almost wish I could understand Apple’s obsession with thinness.


    • Arnold Ziffel says:

      So, if Apple doesn’t make iPad thinner, that leaves keeping thickness (i.e., mass) the same or going thicker. Advantages to going thinner (lighter) are numerous – less mass > fewer materials > less pressure on supply of materials > lower forces on iPad when dropped > less breakage, bending > smaller, lighter packaging > less expensive shipping > greater ease of use.

      What thinkest Thou?


  9. Sounds about right… I’m betting on some more telling leaks right after the iPhone 6 is released…