Next iPod Art Contest!

We get hundereds of comments asking why we don’t just post our mockup and wait for Apple Legal to come after us. People, we don’t want to take Apple’s thunder!   They have thousands of people working on amazing products and should have the right to introduce them – not lowly us.  We just speculate, speculate, speculate.

Plus, we have families to support and are not trying to wind up on the wrong side of the Apple Lawyer Army to end up jobless, broke and kneecap-less! 

But, you guys are creative right?  Your art skillz are better than ours, no?  Why not shoot us an email at editor at 9to5mac dot com or post a link in the comments and we’ll post the most amazing ones next week.

You got game? (continue)

Update: we’ve been getting some sick submissions people – keep up the good work!  It is going to be next to impossible to pick the best!

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