Kids today!  So smart but wasting their talents in the wrong places.  Take a one Mr. Brandon Holland from the Great White North.  At the ripe age of 19, he’s developing a Skype hack for the AppleTV.  While a commendable feat, not many people want to be making phone calls from their TV’s.  Why not spend your time working on a SlingPlayer hack for AppleTV?  Or better yet get your lovely Skype hacking abilities on the iPhone/iPod Touch already.  Someone call Erica Sadun to mentor this kid stat!

He wrote into AppleTV Hacks and said:

Hey Apple TV Hacks, I have started developing a Skype Plugin that will utilize the Skype API and make the user able to make calls and send text messages to anyone on there Skype contact list. As far as calls go, I think a standard usb headset or usb phone will work. Text messages will most likely be entered using the remote and the standard text entering method. No release yet, but I will release a beta as soon as it is able to make calls. Huzzah!

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