Update – delayed until March 6th

We’ve gotten reports as well as TUAW that there will be an Apple event tentatively scheduled for February 26th.  The event will likely be the launch pad for the iPhone/iPod touch SDK and applications including Exchange support and Lotus Notes support.

The date was likely finalized recently as Apple, who usually announces some new products at NAB, pulled out of the early April event for the first time in recent memory.  Perhaps Apple is saving its Final Cut Pro Server announcment for the February event – or more likely, as we’ve heard, pushed it back to mid-year.

It could also be the launch pad for the new MacBook Pros which have been waiting for the late-to-the-party Penryn chips.  Since 10.5.2 builds  have been lingering around for awhile now, it might also might also hit around then. 

Did we forget anything?

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