Big news day today – especially for us coffee addicts.  Starbucks has announced  that it was dropping its T mobile wifi access points around the world and going with AT&T.  The new deal will give free wireless access to Starbucks card holders and AT&T broadband users and charge about half of what T mobile charged for WiFi access. $3.99/visit or $20/month.

Now this deal has Apple written all over it for a number of reasons – not just because taking your  MacBook to Starbucks will be a whole lot cheaper.  Starbucks and AT&T are also iPhone partners.  Starbucks sells it’s music to iPhone and iPod Touch users through its Wifi Music store (now run by AT&T).   AT&T is obviously the carrier for the iPhone.

iPhone’s in Europe are bundled with the carriers wifi hotspots – well they are with T mobile and O2.  Orange notsomuch.

We expect a AT&T-iPhone Wifi access deal to be announced at the next big event.  Free iPhone Access at Starbucks sound good to anyone else?


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