King of Prussia based InterDigital this week posted its earnings call to the web and had some semi-interesting things to say about Apple and 3G technologies.

Remember InterDigital signed a 7 year, $56 million agreement to supply technology licenses to Apple in September.

"The deal covers various 2G and 3G cellular technologies encompassing bandwidth allocation, roaming and power efficiency controls, and most likely also includes some type of packet data coding and delivery,"

InterDigital stated for the first time, though widely speculated, that they were licensing 3G technology to Apple (and RIM)…

As to our market share for 3G, while we did not achieve the 50% target, we did add some very high-quality licensees including Apple, Giant, and RIM….

RIM is a very strong IPR company and same thing with Apple. And so, the fact that those companies take licenses with us reflects very well, I think, on the portfolio of the company.

It is widely thought that InterDigital’s SlimChip architecture might see its way into future versions of Apple products.

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