Firefox 3 ships 10am PDT….


We love it, many of you love it, it gives Microsoft a headache and while we love Safari too, we’re ready and waiting for when Firefox 3 will ship at 10am (PDT) today.

We’ve signed up to support the release by downloading it the moment it’s made available – hopefully putting the release into the Guinness Book of World Records for the most downloaded software ever released. 

Firefox 3.0 will be fast, loading pages up to four times faster than the previous version and an astonishing seven times faster than Internet Explorer (why does anyone still use Microsoft’s stuff, anyway?).

So – roll along to the Spreadfirefox website and take a look at the tons of new features that we can look forward to in Firefox; get ready to download it, and don’t bother downloading those files named Firefox 3 that seem to be circulating right now – some of these are just re-named versions of the last beta, and in any case, these downloads don’t count as part of the world record attempt. And we really hope to see an explosion in its market share in next month’s Net Applications stats…

Updated to add: As of 10.05 am PDT, the Firefox servers are clearly being hammered – we’re just trying to get in!


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