OK, this one comes from way back when in March this year. It’s a film produced by students at ACU explaining the many possible educational and social uses for the iPhone.

All incoming ACU freshmen for 2008 will receive an iPhone or iPod touch. The video’s interesting, though the use of the word “iPhone” does get a little annoying at times. 

Here’s what ACU says: “Mobile technology is shaping the way we live, work and learn. Since education can now take place in the classroom or virtually anywhere, ACU is committed to exploring mobile learning technology that makes sense for our students and their future.”

ACU leaders have given top priority to researching and developing a "connected" 21st century campus, integrating technology into course curriculum and campus life. Several pilot applications have already been developed for autumn 2008.

“We see mobile devices becoming a standard tool for classroom interaction among students and faculty. These "integrated backpacks" will also minimize the number of academic tools students must carry with them – iPods, clickers, calendars, calculators, eBook readers, etc. – easing the burden for students.”

It’s not just at ACU, though, similar deployments are also taking place at Vanderbilt University in the US, in certains schools and colleges in the UK (we’ve heard, no specifics yet) and among the sports and athletics communities, under the aegis of the Mac-only SportsCode application, widely used in sports as varied as football, rubgy, netball – and currently being tested by the UK fire and ambulance services.

You can also download this video from iTunes.


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