Verizon boss Ivan Seidenberg seems ready to make it personal with Apple CEO Steve Jobs, offering some fairly harsh words for the company and its leader.

Speaking to the Financial Times, Seidenberg, boss of the world’s fifth-largest telecoms company, says of Jobs, disparagingly, "Steve Jobs eventually will get old."

Apple is credited with turning the mobile internet into a user-friendly reality with its iPhone – sold in the US exclusively through AT&T – and Seidenberg ain’t so happy, sure, he’s happy to call Apple "a great company", but scoffs at Apple’s iPhone sales so far.

"There goes the conspiracy again," he says of Apple. "You’re declaring them a winner before they’ve earned it on the field." Jobs has no monopoly on innovation, he cries.

Verizon Communications has a market capitalisation of $102bn, it’s the second-largest US telecoms company, and the fifth-largest in the world.

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