Today was supposed to be an exciting day for Apple and iPhone users but things went south when Apple’s activation servers went out and people effectively got bricked iPhones.   After waiting hours/days in line on a blistering hot summer day, many first day iPhone customers found that their activations couldn’t take place.  They were given the iPhones and told to go home and activate.  Unfortunately, when they got home, they still had problems.  Still, 3G iPhone customers got off easy.

Even more infuriation was felt by those EDGE iPhone 2.0 updaters who essentially killed their phones for the better half of the day when prompted to update by iTunes to iPhone 2.0.  The software update happens but Apple needs to re-activate your iPhone.  Instead of activations, iTunes was spitting out errors.


It looks like the high activation rate from the 3G iPhones plus all of the old iPhones being updated created the perfect storm to kill the activation servers.

Anger was felt.  Words were spoken, things were said.  Fanboys got upset like if you told them their should be a right mouse click utton on a MacBook.

But noweveryone has a working iPhone again.  And things appear to be happy in Appleland.

Oh, BTW, just about every AT&T store is out of iPhones and most Apple stores are running out as well.  Here in New York lines have been blocks long all day.  We think Apple might have sold a lot of iPhones.

We’ll check back in tomorrow.


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