Here’s an unusual one that’s crossed our desk this morning – Apple’s getting into the crowded Big Brother CCTV market, and will appear with leading security vendor, videoNEXT (love the Next in that name) at a special event next month.

Yep, that’s right, the company that once praised the crazy ones is now looking to deploy its technologies in new ways in order to keep an eye on people, so they don’t get too crazy…

So, what’s the deal? OK – "videoNEXT and Apple will be co-hosting a panel of industry experts who will be discussing the future of video surveillance and where video meets information technology," we’ve been told.

The panel will be moderated by Garrett Rice, senior manager, Enterprise Solutions at Apple. (Note the Enterprise Solutions job title there, folks…)

Other panelists at this special session will include

– Chris Gettings, Founder and Chairman, videoNEXT

– John Honovich, PSP, Founder of

– Steve Hunt, CEO and Founder, Hunt Business Intelligence and author of

– Peter Michael, P.E., PMP, Principal Engineer, Surveillance and Security, SAIC

– Fredrik Nilsson, General Manager, Americas, Axis Communications 

Founded in 2002, and headquartered near Washington, DC, videoNEXT’s flagship platform, Security Knowledge Manager (SKM), leverages a classical IT approach to video and sensor management for capturing, organizing, storing and displaying video, access control and sensor data.  

The free, RSVP-only event takes place on Tuesday, September 16, 2008 at 4pm, followed by a cocktail reception at ASIS 2008 at the Georgia World Congress Center.

We’ve always been fans of Security Spy for server room cameras ourselves.

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