That’s the thing with Apple – you must expect the unexpected… now it looks like new iMacs may be in the frame, boosting higher speeds at much lower prices…

According to (fake) tech site, the iMac is set for a price cut along with an increase in installed memory at the high-end.

From the site: "What you are looking at is a screen capture of an internal intranet of an anonymous apple employee.  According to our source, and the image, Apple is set to drastically drop the price of their consumer desktop iMacs within the next 3-5 weeks."

Fact or Photoshop? 

Update: oops…looks like our Photoshopper forgot to change the monthly payments – see here on the enterprise plan, when the price drops slightly, so do the monthly payments:

If that weren’t enough (and it is) the 20 inch at $990?  Apple prices on the 9’s – $999

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