The Surfin’ Safari blog has been away for awhile (Endless Summer?).  Their first post back (Since June!) is a great one, however, and shows they haven’t spent the whole summer on the beach.  They report that the new Javascript rendering engine (unfortunately) dubbed SquirrelFish Extreme is wicked fast compared to the current Safari Engine and even over twice as fast as the current WebKit SquirrelFish builds…

There has been a lot of movement in the Javascript rendering engine optimization department lately.  With Google’s Chrome on the scene boasting of lightning quick V8 Javascript rendering and Firefox Gekko constantly optimizing their code, there is intense competition in this arena (see comparison).  While the speed increases are huge for the one important component of the browser, many other factors contribute to the actual speed of the browser experience and, as they say, your results may vary.

Expect to see the Extreme version of SquirrelFish in upcoming Webkit builds….

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