iPhone users in the UK are hugely happy with their device, despite recent foibles, fresh research shows.

Research company Wavemetrix presented its new data at special digital industry event, mashup*, last night. The data indicated an extremely high level of satisfaction among UK iPhone users, who appear particularly interested in social, music and gaming applications.

Distorted Loop reports one iPhone customer, who said, “I generally check for new applications daily and end up usually buying at least one a day."

Apple will be pleased to learn that the feedback canvassed during the survey indicated customers see most of the applications available on the App Store to be good value – and the largest complaint among users was that it can take some practice to get to learn how to control Super Monkey Ball.

It seems gaming on the iPhone has arrived. Speaking shortly after the App Store opened for business in the UK, one user said, “I’ve got to say, gaming on the iPhone is a pleasure. I can only describe the gaming experience as like a cross between Nintendo’s DS, Sony’s PSP and the Wii. If this is what developers are pumping out in the first few days of the App Store, imagine the quality apps that are going to be made in a few months time!”

Beyond gaming, UK iPhone users are particularly keen on Tuner, Remote and Shazam. The research also showed that developers seek more transparency in their dealings with Apple – perhaps this is the company’s Achilles Heel?

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