All eyes are on Apple as it prepares to reveal its Q4 and FY2008 data later this month – with investment analysts saying the company must deliver new products or strong sales if it is to get past recent health-scare led downgrades.

Speaking to Cult of Mac (CoM), Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster explained that should Apple fail to reveal health Mac sales, "then the importance of the new Mac increases substantially".

Of course, like everyone else, Munster expects Apple to step up to the plate and offer newly designed MacBooks, "including a sub-$1,000 Mac," CoM informs.

The analyst also made the kind of comment that would lead anyone watching the Apple ecosystem to believe the launch of new Macs may have seen a little delay, explaining, "“The product changes we have seen thus far do not warrant such a dramatic decrease in margins."

Apple had warned that its margins would be impacted during the current quarter by the introduction of lower-margin new items.

Munster also warned that current investor concerns on Apple stock are "over-estimated", and (it seems) hinted the company would exceed its stated Q4 guidance.

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