Apple plans to drive a price-driven stake through competing PC brands in the ailing market, boosting sales with the introduction of its first $799 MacBook, a report claims (via MacRumors).

The news follows hot on the heels of the recently leaked image of the new Apple notebook, and the information is decribed as coming from a reliable source, says

"According to the source, Apple retail stores have been given price sheets that list 12 price points for the new range, with prices between $800-$3100."

This indicates some diversification of the existing range: MacBook, MacBook Pro and MacBook Air, with 12 standard configurations rather than 8 claimed by the source, presumably an Apple retailer.  That puts the price differentiation at about 4 price points per model, unless *gasp* Apple is to release a new model or have more color options.


The new Macs are expected to be made using an advanced new manufacturing process (dubbed ‘Brick’) and to field advanced Nvidia graphics, at least on some models.

No event invitations have gone out yet but given all of the recent activity in this area, it is hard to imagine we’ll have to wait too much longer for an introduction.

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