Boingboing (and others) did some analysis on the aluminum laptop in the Apple event invitation and concluded it was a regular MacBook.  It wasn’t. 

MacBooks will have black (perhaps other colors – we have only heard black) plastic outer shells.  The same type of plastic that is on the backside of an iMac. 

The inside shell, around the keyboard and the screen will be aluminum and that one piece structure will be the skeleton of the laptop.  

It will be two-tone.  Think if a iMac and a MacBook Air had offspring.  Thinner than its predecessor.   They are going to sell a lot of these.  More info on the MacBook.

An interesting sidenote…the invite could be a 13 inch MacBook …Pro.

….or so we’ve heard….by the way, yes the picture is fake but is about the closest we could find to the real…

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