We just got a truckload of Macworld information dumped on us from our best source.  As we piece it together we’ll trickle it out.  The first big piece of information is that iWork is going into the Cloud.  Not just storage, either.  We are talking interface for Numbers, Pages and Keynote (which is going to see some interesting new templates and transition additions).   Yes, the iWork applications are now going to be Web Applications.

This isn’t a huge surprise as the industry (Google, Microsoft, Zoho) is heading in this direction.  Questions remain that we’ll try to get sorted ASAP.  Will this work on iPhone/iPod touch?  Will there be traditional apps that go along for offline access – or will this use Safari’s new Offline DB/SproutCore framework functionality?  Stay tuned…

Oh, and we’ve heard there is going to be some “Magic” involved.  (Yes this is a clue)


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