Western Digital is heading the relentless progression of Hard Drive technology by unleashing their new 2TB "Green" monster. (sorry Sox fans).  Hot Hardware got their hands on one and ran it through the Windows NTFS ringer.  Results?  It held its own speed-wise against other 7200 RPM drives.  WD says they’ll retail at $299 but with 1.5TB Drives hitting $129 routinely, we expect to see these guys at around the $200 range very soon.  Specs below

  • Capacity:  2TB (400Gb/sq.in. areal density)
  • 32MB cache buffer
  • Variable spindle speed
  • 3.5-inch form-factor
  • 500GB/platter, 4-platter design
  • 3Gb/sec SATA with NCQ
  • SATA power connector only
  • PMR head technology
  • RoHS compliant



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