The onslaught of iPhone 3.0 features continues: 

A developer has found that that tethering both via USB and Bluetooth is possible under the 3.0 beta developer release (of course, those of us with Jailbroken iPhones won’t be too impressed with this).  It isn’t immediately clear how AT&T and the other carriers will be able to distinguish who is tethering and who isn’t.   Apple will have to coordinate the locking and unlocking with the carriers.

Additionally, some features we’ve heard about including: "Find My iPhone" are bearing fruit.  Along with what Appleinsider has found, we’ve heard that this feature will use the iPhone’s GPS to locate the device for the user.  While this would be super cool for stolen iPhones, it would even be cool if you can’t find your iPhone and want to know the general area to look.  This remote opening of the GPS via background push notification is a novel use of the iPhone’s new capabilities.

Additionally, there will be a mobile wipe feature in MobileMe that will allow you to clear your iPhone remotely, like Exchange Administrators can do.


Very nice!


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