You’ve got to hand it to them.  They might not have a chance in hell of existing at the end of the year but they sure seem to be playing the business as usual face pretty well.  In the midst of a huge lawsuit with one of the world’s biggest (and litigious) companies, Psystar is forging ahead with new products.  Their new compact desktop, which is cheaper than Apple but more expensive than a DIY type of machine, is now available to consumers through its website.  They even include the self-depreciating caption: "Sexier: Ummm, no comment".  Psystar certainly know their prospective customers.

Frankly, most of the Hackintosh community has been focused on NetBooks lately (Everyone at SXSW seemed to have a Hackintosh netbook), but Psystar continues to exist selling desktop computers.  We don’t know how many customers they have but they certainly have cajones.

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