What have we here?  It was only a matter of time (and it almost seems like Apple is leaking this on purpose at this point), but Ars found some extra little bits of code in the 3.0 OS that indicate that there will be not one but two new iPhones, a new iPod touch and two mysterious new products that will run this OS called "iProd" and "iFPGA".

Just FYI FPGA stands for Field-programmable gate array – you can learn more than you ever wanted to know about that here.

We don’t know about you but, we’ve wanted the iProd since forever and will be buying 4 of them the second they are released.

 The new codes:

iPhone2,1 – 0×1294
iProd0,1 – 0×1295
iPod2,2 – 0×1296
iPhone3,1 – 0×1297
iFPGA – 0×1298
iPod3,1 – 0×1299″

The old codes:

iPhone First Gen – 0×1290
iPod touch 1G – 0×1291
iPhone 3G – 0×1292
iPod touch 2G – 0×1293

Also, congrats to me.

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