The Inquirer reports that Intel is set to release a new round of SSDs which might bring hard drive replacements into the hands of many more laptop owners. 

We’ve been told that with these new 34nm NAND SSDs, users can expect higher performance, higher capacities, and most importantly, lower prices.  Amongst the 34nm offerings hot off the production line will be a 320GB drive, plus 160GB and 80GB capacities too. But there very well could be more. Our sources tell us there will be drives big enough to replace the HDDs in most, if not all laptops.

That is a pretty bold statement, especially with retail 500GB laptop hard drives falling significantly below the $100 price point.  Currently, the best retail SSD price/GB ratio of SSDs has been $227/128GB.  That is a lot of space and a lot of $ difference.


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