Adobe has issued a revised Creative Suite 3 FAQ (PDF) in which the company details the results of its application testing and compatibility with Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard.

Adobe’s John Nack published this new information yesterday, detailing a couple of major points taken from the new company document.

“Adobe has conducted its own additional testing of our Adobe CS3 software on Mac OS X Snow Leopard, and is confident that our CS3 applications will function as expected with Mac OS X Snow Leopard. Adobe did uncover some non?critical issues, which are documented for our customers to review,” the company writes.

Adobe also confirms several reports which claim Snow Leopard ships with an earlier version of Adobe Flash installed, saying: “The initial release of Mac OS X Snow Leopard (v10.6) includes an earlier version of Adobe Flash Player than what is currently available from Adobe. Adobe recommends all users update to the latest version of Flash Player ( which supports Snow Leopard and is available for download from”

As we reported, Adobe initially warned users that it didn’t intend testing CS3 for Snow Leopard compatibility. It then emerged that Photoshop CS3 had been tested. Now the company has released further and more extensive testing notes as a service to users.

While the history of the company’s move to offer this information to customers owning CS3 has been opaque at best, we welcome this new transparency.

Interestingly, Amazon US is currently offering Adobe Creative Suite 4 Design Premium Student Edition [Mac] for $399, rather than the $1,799 claimed list price (which we suspect could be an Amazon listings error). This is the student price, rather than a discount on full price.

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