We’ll believe it when we see it but  late comments by John Lennon’s Heiress seems to indicate that the whole Beatles back catalog will be showing up on iTunes…perhaps at tomorrow’s event. 

Update: The Sky News link is down but here’s some twitterin’ evidence below.

Update 2: A Sky News employee has told us they were told to cut the story out immediately and not to comment.  Directive came "from the very top".  Here’s a Google Cache of the story if there are any unbelievers…This is getting interesting!

Update 3: Google’s News cache is gone but it is still in the general cache.  The whole thing is kinda Twilight Zone at this point.  In the other corner we have EMI’s chief saying it ain’t going down… "tomorrow". 

Shouldn’t Sky News be issuing a retraction – or something at this point?  Isn’t that what normal News news orgs do if they run a story and then pull it?  This is very very weird.  Has something like this ever happened before?

Remember: We’re again rolling out our good ol’ fashioned 9to5mac Livepanel which will be circulating the best feeds throughout the iPod event.  As you might remember, this framed page shows four of the best feeds at once and is refreshed every 15-30 seconds so your mouse button finger doesn’t have to bleed.  It works best on large (24"+) monitors and uses 1990’s html frames technology to bring sweet, sweet iPod camera information to your eyes as quickly as possible.

We are also trying to get an audio or video feed of the event and will pop it in if we find one.  Have fun!

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