Apple boss Steve Jobs said nothing much at all about eBooks during his iPod-focused keynote, but he did have a few things to say about Amazon.

As reported, he spoke with David Pogue, granting a rare but fleeting interview. Amazon’s teams must be taking a close look at what he said about them, and their Kindle…

Jobs doesn’t think Amazon are selling many Kindles, saying Apple doesn’t see eBooks as a big market at this point – though they are the second biggest category on the App Store and were described as a killer feature by Phil Schiller.

Jobs also suggested that Amazon’s refusal to provide definite numbers for Kindle sales was a sign it hasn’t succeeded in the market. “Usually, if they sell a lot of something, you want to tell everybody,” he said of Kindle sales to Pogue.

“I’m sure there will always be dedicated devices, and they may have a few advantages in doing just one thing,” he also said. “But I think the general-purpose devices will win the day. Because I think people just probably aren’t willing to pay for a dedicated device.”

His point of view then probably is: “eBooks? There’s an app for that.”

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