The fine folks of iFixit, as per usual, have torn apart Apple’s latest iPod Touch revealing some very interesting technology. Firstly, the latest Broadcom BCM4329 makes the device capable of N-speed Wifi unlike any other iPod or iPhone.  Apple currently doesn’t have this capability enabled but there are plenty of people who’d like to switch their wireless to the 5GHz N network for longer range and less interference.

Secondly, the ARM chip (below) is different Samsung ARM chip than the iPhone 3GS or any Apple device before it.  The CPU is labelled 339S0075 ARM. This marks an improvement over the previous iPod and iPhone 3GS processors. The processor on the last iPod touch (2nd gen) was labelled 339S0048ARM. The processor in the iPhone 3GS is marked 339S0073ARM. 



The most revealing part of this take apart is the little empty space for a video camera like the one in the iPod Nano camera. If your not too skittish of the innards of the of whats inside check more pics here and here.


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