What happens when your company’s largest single individual shareholder has a seat on the board and has already succeeded in building one of America’s most successful retail chains? You get them to help you improve your struggling network of shops, that’s what – and this is precisely what’s going on in Disney retail, where Apple CEO Steve Jobs has been drafted in to advise on how to improve that cartoon capers shopping chain.

Now, other than noting that even when resting this proves Jobs just isn’t the type to ever let himself get bored, but Disney engaged in heavy consultation with the Apple boss as the company worked to completely redesign the image of its stores, reports the New York Times (via: Gizmodo).

We all know Steve and we all know that on his watch little details count just as much as the general picture…so here’s a few nuggets to improve Disney retail that emerged from the chats.

– mobile checkouts – employees carry receipt printers on them.
– community focus one – oh look, a theatre (why not show-off those gazillions of Disney visual assets…
– community focus two – interactivity – karaoke, touchscreen kiosks, live chats with Disney stars…

Oh – and the clincher here? Disney employees will all carry iPods and iPhones to communicate with each other.

Disney is revitalising 340 of its stores, with a flagship outlet in Times Square….

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