Google continues rapid development of its Google Chrome browser for Mac, which the company has previously hinted will be up for v.1 release before Christmas.

The new release, Google Chrome Developer Preview, is a  release that now includes support for printing and a QuickTime plug-in to enable multimedia content. The release also features, “lots of important Extensions changes” and a few fixed bugs.

“Be sure to read the Known Issues if you are running Chrome for Mac,” the company warns on its development pages.

Issues include: if an older version of Chrome is running when this version is automatically installed, the running version will not quit cleanly and will spike the processor at 100%; according to the developers, it will be necessary to Force Quit the application.

Listed changes in this version also include:

  • Printing now works. (Issue: 13158)
  • [r28871] Autoupdates no longer cause problems if Chrome is already running. (Issue: 14610)
  • [r29388] Hitting backspace while IME is active does no longer go back in history. (Issue: 25000)
  • [r28837] QuickTime plugin no longer crashes, and often displays properly (though there are still bugs to be ironed out).
  • [r28837] Plugin whitelist has been removed, so that Chrome will attempt to load all NPAPI plugins.  Expect more plugin crashes.
  • [r29396] Ctrl-tab switches tabs again. (Issue: 24921)
  • [r29458] Cmd-` switches windows again. (Issue: 24817)

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