Motorola Droid reviewed by BGR

BoyGenius has the Droid review up and fankly, they’re pretty smitten with it.   It looks a little "square" to us but we have to admit, that 850×480 screen  has us a bit green. The "not on AT&T’s network" part also sounds nice except for international travel. 

They say the Android 2.0 "Eclair" software is also much more refined.  It is interesting to note that this is the first Android-based phone with the ARM Cortex A8-class chips that the iPhone and Pre have.  In fact, it has the same TI OMAP 3430 CPU as the Pre.

Interestingly, they mention that this won’t compete with the iPhone:

The Droid isn’t an iPhone competitor because nothing at this point in time is an iPhone competitor besides the new iPhone. And things don’t have to be right now. Everyone can eat. So will the Motorola Droid be successful? Absolutely, we think. It will eat in to BlackBerry sales, Windows Mobile sales, and positively murder any lingering Palm Pre sales. It’s that good. Did you notice how Verizon still hasn’t announced the BlackBerry Storm2?

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