We like this story – here’s a picture of the Apple tablet – no, not that Apple tablet, but the unreleased tablet that never made the light of day and was internally developed by the company way back c.1990.

We didn’t find this little gem – that honour goes to TechCrunch, but here’s the story:

“The Pen Mac was a fully functional Mac computer (it even played the Mac startup chime) with a pen based touch screen. The screen itself was identical to the Mac Portable, but with the addition of pen touch. And of course the case was a lot smaller than the Mac Portable. The Pen Mac was supposedly not much more than one inch thick. Users could plug in a keyboard and mouse or easier input.”

Seems the man in the picture, Glam CEO Samir Arora, was involved in the product design, but these systems were eventually shelved in favour of the Newton handheld.

Interesting, huh? In the words of a famous song, “History Repeating”.

Though this Pen Mac makes a MacBook look thin (which they are) – see here.

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