Intel’s new Arrandale laptop chips benchmarks are being published today by just about everyone: HotHardware, AnandTechTom’s HardwarePCPerspective, and Legit Reviews all chime in.  The results?  The 32nm Arrandale chips best the current 45nm Penryn Core2 Duo lineup by about 20% overall according to Anandtech (or 40-50% according to Legit Reviews) with some processes getting a bigger boost than others.  

Power usage in this round stays about the same or, strangely for a chip that uses a smaller manufacturing process, actually goes up with the new chips. However, by mid-year the new Arrandale chips should see significant improvements (which might give Apple a reason to delay updating).   But Apple isn’t usually one to let a fast processor pass them by.

In the words of Tom’s Hardware:

So long, Core 2 Duo. The wheels of progress keep on spinning, and Arrandale is playing you out.

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