The Guardian reports that Apple has started looking for carrier partners in the UK.

Apple is understood to have approached several UK mobile phone networks, including Orange, about selling its forthcoming tablet computer to British customers.

As we reported earlier, this late move may mean that Apple waits a few months before it sends the tablet overseas.  The Guardian says:

British gadget fans will have to wait until much later in the spring, according to UK sources, but the price of the device could be reduced if Apple can persuade a mobile phone company to subsidise it.

The Guardian then goes a bit obvious on us. 

Apple is looking for mobile partners willing to bundle a mobile broadband contract with the iSlate. The UK’s mobile phone networks, meanwhile, also have deals that allow their mobile broadband customers easy access to thousands of public wi-fi hotspots across the country.

It will be interesting to see what US providers Apple has partnered with and what kind of deals they will provide -especially for those already on an AT&T iPhone plan.

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