Fortune caught up with the Boy Genius (Jonathan Geller) and got some interesting details out of the Mobile phone leak king.  Here’s a breakdown:

  • On checkbook journalism: Like any mainstream publication, BGR pays for photographs. Unlike most publishers, however, Geller has occasionally paid for news stories — most recently an e-mail exchange with Steve Jobs whose authenticity Apple disputed. See here.
  • On taking pre-release cellphones: He’ll do it, and later buy a phone to replace it, but only if he can satisfy himself that he’s not getting stolen property. “If the PIN is dead, that means it’s stolen.”
  • His relationship with Research in Motion: Although he claims RIMM’s share price jumped 30% after broke a story about the BlackBerry Pearl, he is not loved by top management. “I must have at least 100 cease-and-desist letters.”
  • On Apple’s security: “They’re tough. There’s nothing that’s not under their control. If there’s a leak, it’s either one of their people or their Asian manufacturers.”
  • On the prototype iPhone that Gizmodo purchased: “I wouldn’t have touched it with a 10-foot pole. Two reasons: 1) You know it’s stolen. 2) It’s Apple, so you know they’re going to come after you.”
  • On RIM: “Within two quarters, their market share is going to slide.”
  • On Microsoft Windows Phone 7:  “It’s down to Apple and Android.”
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