We are just days away from the possible unveiling of Apple’s radically new AppleTV, rumored to be re-named as its former codename, iTV. Since this device is speculated to be running Apple’s iOS, there are countless rumors and debates as to how the planet’s folks will control the thing. Apple’s current remote definitely won’t do the job with its 5 physics buttons. There’s the Magic Trackpad but that might not be convenient with it’s desktop design. Then there’s using an iPhone/iPod/iPad app which would double or triple the $99starting price for some.  Maybe something cheaper?

The concept you see above, put together by Dan Wineman, is the perfect concept of an iTV remote. The remote is a pure fusion of the Magic Trackpad and an iPhone. The remote takes the physical appearance and multi-touch technology from the Magic Trackpad and scales it to the size of an iPhone. The controller will adapt some iPhone-hardware features like the gyroscope, compass, and accelometer. Essentially, an iPhone without a screen. Or it could be just like this Wii-like “Magic Wand” patent we covered last New Years Eve (pictured below).

via DF.

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