The WSJ is reporting that its sister company, Fox, will be giving up iTunes Shows for $.99/ episode along with ABC.  The announcement will be made tomorrow at the Apple event.

Some of these people said Fox agreed to participate in 99-cent rentals for a short period of time, and agreed to the lower-cost price only for broadcast shows it both produces and airs, such as “Glee,” “Bones” and “Lie to Me.” The Apple proposal won’t affect cable shows such as FX’s “Justified,” or Fox network shows, including “American Idol,” for which Fox doesn’t control the digital rights.

According to the people familiar with the matter[like their bosses], part of the calculus for Fox is that News Corp. wants Apple’s help with other digital projects, including the iPad version of The Wall Street Journal and a digital news offering known inside News Corp. as the “Daily Planet,” the name of the fictional paper in Superman comics.

I really love that the Wall Street Journal acts like they had to do some digging when this story more than likely involved Rupert Murdoch calling down from the negotiations and saying it was a done deal.  The Wall St. Journal doesn’t make any disclaimer that it is the same company as Fox either.

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