Here’s news for all you socialites out there — it appears Apple and Facebook chatted for over a year before the launch of Ping, and the talks gave us … nothing.

Recall when Apple boss Steve Jobs says Facebook demanded “onerous” terms?

Well, shoot across to this report from Dan Frommer who tells us that a deal still hasn’t been reached with old FB, not even fo’ Facebook Connect for all you Pingsters out there — and that’s after 18 months of pre-launch talks.

“From what we hear, this is the new sound of working with Facebook, which is now big enough — and has such important data — that it knows it’s one of the most important companies in Silicon Valley,” Frommer tells us.

Indeed, it looks like All your data are belongs to us Facebook has morphed into some version of mid to late 90’s MSFT, that report explains.

“while Apple and Facebook have a long history — Apple was Facebook’s first big sponsor, via its Apple Students group — the current relationship status is more like “it’s complicated,” to put it in Facebook terms.”

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