Speaking of the change-everything iPad as I seem to from time-to-time AT&T has some interesting wit and repartee for us — alleging there’s already over half a million iPads on its US 3G network — meanwhile the survey results are in and the iPad is (I can feel blushes in Cupertino) the highest-scoring product a leading consumer satisfaction index has ever tracked.

AT&T chief executive Randall Stephenson told financial analysts at the Goldman Sachs Communacopia XIX Conference, “We have over half a million iPads connected to the network.”

Stephenson promised more tablets from more manufacturers will hit more carriers before warning, and observed the connected device market to be at a “really early stage”.

“It’s a very nice business model,” he added.

Great, so we’re all connected-up, but how’s it going? Pretty well according to the latest ACSI survey. Recall we reported on this survey earlier?

Well, spoken to after that report, ACSI MD said that the iPad “pulled up Apple’s overall numbers – which makes it the highest-scoring product Apple has, and therefore the highest-scoring product ACSI has ever tracked.” (That’s according to CNBC).

Perhaps that’s why Apple sold its first million iPads in 28 days and may now be shifting 36 million /year, and why there’s already 25,000 dedicated iPad apps available.

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