On July 16th Apple held a press conference regarding the iPhone 4 antenna non-issue to announce free Bumper cases for all. After the announcement, Apple pulled the Bumpers from sale on Apple.com and as of today they’re still unavailable for purchase. Although this is true for Apple’s online and retail stores in the United States among other countries, the Chinese iPhone 4 launch tells a different story.

According to a photo taken at the iPhone 4 launch event today at Apple’s official Beijing retail location, Apple is selling their black Bumper case. The case is currently offered free to iPhone 4 buyers (via the free case program) until September 30th and it makes sense that Apple would begin re-selling them for profit after that date. It appears that Apple has jumped the gun on that and is already selling them in China. This is only confirmed in China by the picture (Originally posted to M.I.C. Gadget‘s Flickr) so we’ll presumably have to wait until after the 30th to see if the United States follows the trend. Oh, what about the other colors!?

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