Meizu, the infamous copy cats of the iPhone, have been mimicking the iPhone’s design and features since way back in 2007 and today they are announcing they are stopping sales of their M8 device. On Meizu’s online forums today, Meizu CEO Jack Wong announced that sales of their M8 will cease indefinitely due to pressure from Apple. Additionally, future devices in development, like the M9, may be cancelled or postponed for the foreseeable future.

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Apple initially had Meizu to agree to cease development of future devices so this news shows Apple’s change of plans. It looks like Meizu is complying but they are upset that Apple brought China’s Intellectual Property department into the ordeal as a form of pressure. This government office has the right to shut down Meizu’s factory without a formal order from the courts so it looks like Meizu is doing all they can to prevent that.

Update: Here’s a likely fake e-mail from Jobs stating his views on the M8.

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