CNET has what it says are confirmed details on the new MacBook Air to be released next week:

The exact final price isn’t known right now, but it will be “significantly lower” than the current $1,499 starting price, said a source familiar with the event’s agenda.

They are also saying the processor/chipset will be the same as the current MacBook Pro’s Core 2 Duo/Nvidia MCP89.  The new Air will undoubtedly use Solid State storage.

Update: AppleInsider is toutingnew model could weigh as little as 2.7lbs, sport a unibody enclosure that makes some use of carbon fiber, and possibly include the first CPU microprocessors from AMD to find their way inside a Mac

btw, the pictures of Erica Ogg (Vorbis) on top and bottom of that post look like two different people.

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